The Prophet of Peace

Nov 27, 2022    Ricky Hemme

Is it possible that all the lacquer smothered on the Christmas story has taken the bite out of it? Has Jesus been reduced to a warm, fuzzy feeling and excuse to shop and eat? Hebrews is written to reclaim the true greatness of Jesus. Jesus is not a baby we talk about during the holidays to conjure up good vibes. Jesus is the supreme prophet, the owner of all things, and the exact imprint of God’s being. He is not a prophet, he is THE PROPHET.

We begin our advent series by reminding ourselves that Jesus came as the Prophet of Peace, in an effort to remind ourselves that Christmas declares that Jesus is supreme over all.

NOTE: There was minor glitch toward the end of the sermon where point 3 (Make Christmas about Jesus) is briefly clipped. We apologize for the inconvenience.