Vision of Global Mission Ministry

We go to be their friends, be learners. We come as servants to learn and return as ambassadors; we don’t come to impose ourselves and our way. We do not go to run programs or build things.

To give an understanding of the nature of poverty by exposing people to a relational experience with those in poverty and provide support and partnership to those in poverty. “The mission of God compels God’s people to love, care for, and serve… ‘the poor’ are uniquely dear to the heart of God…Loving and being with those who are suffering is to mysteriously encounter Christ himself (Matt 25:31-41).

Mexico: April 2023

Our next missions trip is scheduled for April 1st-4th, 2023!  If you're interested in being a part of our visit with the Buena Vida Orphanage in Mexico, please complete the interest form.  A member of our team will contact you with an application and more information.  

Missionaries We Support 

Buena Vida Orphanage - Mexico

The orphanage is located an hour and a half away from the border, on Mexican Federal Highway 1, north of Ensenada. It has been in operation for eleven years, run by directors Gabriel and Meche. They live on the gated property with their two daughters, as they care for 20-30 children full time.

The orphanage relies on donations and partnerships with outside organizations, as the government does not have any financial support programs in place.

South Valley Community Church partners with a California NGO, Taylor’s Heart (www.taylorsheart.org), to provide the organization with spiritual support, monthly groceries, birthday gifts, and other needs as they arise. Long term goals include continuing to cover schooling costs (costs $145 a child to send them to school for the year). In addition, create sponsorship support for orphans that are no longer able to stay at the orphanage (growing tuition fund for young adults that are aging out of the orphanage and wish to go to college or a trade school).

Furaha Community Foundation - Kenya

Led by incredible Kenyan leaders and staff, the Furaha Community Foundation (FCF) is a community of hope. From its start as a tutoring group for a handful of children, FCF has grown to be a vibrant Primary School of 500 children grades pre-Kindergarten to Class 8, and High School of 150 students in 2014- on its way to reaching its capacity of 200 students. A large proportion of the children are HIV+ orphans, the poorest of the poor. From the beginning days of a few volunteers to a quality facility and staff of over 50 gifted and committed Kenyans.
FCF has also grown to be multifaceted in its operation. The children are taught by a team of committed and talented teachers. A team of cooks serve a daily nourishing meal to every child who normally might only eat every other day; the High School students live on campus and receive three meals a day. Good nourishment has improved the children’s health and concentration in school. Eighty percent of the children are orphaned, relying on others to care for them. In the event that a child has no guardian or is at risk in his or her living environment, care is provided in safe houses.
Alongside the school, a team of dedicated social workers visit the children and their guardians to bring support as well as helping them fight for justice

Go Guatemala

Jose Armas, founder of Go Guatemala, has dedicated his life to helping communities oppressed by gangs and violence. His focus is on the children in this area and providing a feeding program and free education. We helped raise funds when the volcano erupted and devastated several rural communities. Not only did they need emergency aid and resources, but a new place to relocate and get back on their feet. Jose and his dedicated team, made sure they were sustained with education and housing.

During the epidemic, food was delivered to areas and families unable to obtain it themselves.

We are looking forward to reconnecting in person with Go Guatemala soon, as it has been difficult to maintain the level of involvement due to Covid.

Katrina Morshead

Global Missions Rep.

My husband Chris and I have been a part of South Valley Community Church since 2007. After serving in the children's ministry for many years, God brought me into Global mission work. In 2012 I had my first encounter with extreme poverty. Every year since, I have grown in my education and understanding of mission work and impoverished communities. My purpose now is to continue my ambassadorship for our partners in Kenya, Guatemala, and Mexico by sharing their stories and taking members of our congregation on trips. My future goal and prayer is to build a ministry team from those that visit and interact with our global partners.